Artificial Intelligence Working Group

School of Design, University of Leeds

Our Mission

We are a group of academics, researchers, and programmers studying the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and its effects on design in higher education. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive repository of knowledge for design educators to more readily understand and use AI in their teaching and research. In doing so, we are working to keep the School of Design › at the forefront of AI-led practices and conversations at the University of Leeds, and across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our Research

AI-101: a beginner’s guide to terms and topics

AI in AR and VR applications

AI in colour science

AI in digital document design and fairness

AI in postgraduate education policies

AI in undergraduate education policies

Copyright and AI in sound design

Copyright and AI in visual design

Generative AI: resources, uses, misuses

Plagiarism, detection, and fair use

Our Team

Professor Maria Lonsdale

Dr Arjun Khara

Dr Catherine Stones

Dr Elif Sener

Dr Jeanne-Louise Moys

Mr Joe Gilmore

Dr Matthew Lickiss

Professor Ningtao Mao

Dr Paul Wilson

Dr Pinar Yelmi

Rachel Hartshorne

Dr Rafiq Elmansy

Dr Raheleh Jafari

Dr Sahar Arshi

Professor Stephen Westland

Mr Uzair Ahmad

Dr Yuri Siregar