BA Art and Design

Degree Show 2023

BA Art and Design

Featured image courtesy of Aimee Rose Blake

“The BA Art and Design (Hons) programme showcases the imagination and varied skills that emerging artists and designers employ in their creative investigations and developing practice.”

Dr John Hammersley
Programme Leader
BA Art and Design

Student works

Aimee Rose Blake

Millie Abraham

Saskia Lythgoe

Tim C Huang

Anna Mullin

Macy Yaniv

Summer Davis

Zoe Thorburn

Elsa Bartlett

Alice Chen

Natalie Waller

Yunge Shi

Harry Bonar Law

Charlie Jones

Yaoyuan Dong

Isabella McCully

Julian Emanuel Gerada

Phoebe Rahmatallah

Lily Sidey

Natalie Ireland

Lucy Wilson

Lara Matthews

Ashley Tjang

Helena Lintott

Emily Bloom

Maddie Knight

Lucy Summerell

Naomi Wing

Georgia Marshall

Isabelle Barber

Molly Willis-Clarke

Yanqing Li

Millie Thompson

Yingfei Zhu

Sian Pitts

Imogen Gray

Edith Young

Molly Staniforth