Siyue Bei

Degree Show 2024

Siyue Bei

BA Graphic and Communication Design

Aspiring to be a passionate and creative graphic designer, I excel at transforming ideas into striking visuals. My undergraduate projects enhanced my design and communication skills. Valuing cross-cultural exchange and understanding global issues, I am curious and eager to learn and explore further.

This 3D poster series promotes the DigitalNomadGirls community with five themes: autonomy, courage, cyberspace, ingenuity, and unity. Inspired by the community’s manifesto, the posters use abstract 3D graphics to convey technology and futurism, aiming to break stereotypes and offer expanded opportunities for female digital nomads. The design targets Gen Z, enhancing promotional efforts.

One Second One Minute One Hour – Typographic Posters Design.

Supermarketimer – UI Design of A Time Management App.