Sofia Collins Redrado

Degree Show 2024

Sofia Collins Redrado

BA Art and Design

My practice encompasses areas of sustainability and bio-design, exploring design methods and thinking that considers the natural world as much as the human. Through my work, I shine a light to discarded materials and the ways in which design can be utilised to make something both functional and aesthetic.

The Bedside Biolamp is made out of wood and a combination of biomaterials using onion skin and red cabbage waste. Through different colours and sizes, I show the multipurpose of the lampshades. Whilst many may make connections with the natural world such as beehives and cocoons, others may have a more Sci-fi outlook on the lamps. Placing them at different levels adds to this affect, allowing one to interpret them in their own way.

This is a follow up from the previous image, showing the biolamps side by side at surface level. Having the light shone through them really accentuates the warm tones and adding to the art decor affect I wanted.

The Metal Biolamp allows the viewer to walk around the biomaterial, getting closer to each sheet to see the material components. After working so much with wood that cages in the biomaterial, I wanted to use another staple material that would allow the biomaterial to move freely. As sustainability is at the core of my practice, I wanted to stick to that theme in all areas of production.