Alice Houldcroft

Degree Show 2023

Alice Houldcroft

BA Graphic and Communication Design

ParkLink was my independent project for final year, combining my passion for the outdoors with Graphic Design. ParkLink is a new rail network in the UK linking major cities to national parks aiming to reconnect those previously disconnected from the UKs outdoor green spaces. The visual identity embraces contemporary youthful visuals whilst celebrating historic maps and guidebooks. Designed outcomes include the promotional posters to introduce the service, and pocket guides to highlight key points of interest to the audience without a need for prior knowledge and experience. Together they create a holistic brand experience to promote connection with the outdoors.

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Promotional poster example for ParkLink to advertise the new service to those living in urban centres.

Pocket guide example for Keswick in the Lake District. Free pocket guides would be produced for each serviced train station to provide an overview of the area to introduce the surroundings to people who have not had the opportunity to visit previously.

Pocket guide contents – using text and image to break down some of the complexities and barriers in the outdoors community. Providing helpful suggestions and information about how to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Pocket guide contents – a map of the area designed to focus on what is accessible from the train station without the need for roads and further transportation. Uses designed symbols to link to surrounding text and offers a minimalist approach to the map removing unnecessary complexities.