Anna Mullin

Degree Show 2023

Anna Mullin

BA Art and Design

My body of work is primarily concerned with the connection between landscape and the body. The human body and natural landscapes are undeniably parallel; “veins and arteries are rivers, orifices and passages are tunnels… the bald man’s head is an unredeemable desert” (Porteous, 1986, p.8). The resemblance between body and landscape goes beyond just visual similarities. They are entirely intertwined at their core; they are equal. My work intends to highlight this connection, creating wearable work that obliquely references natural forms. The pieces are not intended to be a direct reference to natural forms, only a suggestion. The works act as a vehicle to transform the body, becoming almost a second skin to the wearer. I use the term ‘Walking Landscapes’ in relation to the pieces, as they transform the body of the wearer into a performative piece of natural landscape.

My practice also addresses themes of body idealism in the sense that it has no preoccupation with it. The body of the wearer has no significance in my project, and is instead seen as solely a carrier of the garments, and a performing object. I created three separate wearable works, all accompanied by a coinciding head piece. I have invited all viewers to experience wearing the hats, in order to gain a deeper insight into the transformative nature of dress. The work is also accompanied by a photography book to ensure visualisation of the pieces being worn.

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Walking Landscapes: A collection of wearable works exploring the transformative nature of dress, and the connection between landscape and the body.