Edith Young

Degree Show 2023

Edith Young

BA Art and Design

Edith explores the sensorial and ‘the erotic’ qualities of bodily movement and materiality – how this has the potential to connect us to our embodied experience and emotions.

This often takes the form of photography, moving image, and collage..

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‘Two bodies’

In this digital collage questions of comfort of/in the body are explored; how rest (stillness) can be self-affirming as can action ‘doing’ (movement).

‘A Moving Image (frame still)’

In this short film the moving body and collage are linked; materiality and bodies are positioned as sources of the sensorial and erotic power.

‘Live Collage (frame stills)’

In this film the body is again connected to materiality – hands move found material around into changing compositions. Action (‘doing’) as an enactment of one’s agency is explored – this is echoed by repeated visual references to hands.

In relation to action questions surrounding ‘looking’ and women are raised – ‘who looks at who?’ and how this impacts how we look at ourselves.