Eve Cromey Ruxton

Degree Show 2023

Eve Cromey Ruxton

BA Textile Design

I specialised in digital print focusing on fashion design. The original inspiration for this project was the exploration of light and reflections. How light could form shapes and patterns when reflected off various surfaces. Water and glass were explored however, water was the most successful and carried on inspiring both my visual studies and print designs.

Sustainability was the main focus for this collection and how as a designer, we can overcome the current issues in the fashion and textile industry. During the design process versatility of the design was considered this was done through a wide colour pallet for each print design so that it could appeal to a wider audience. Circularity was considered when putting the design into context, creating garments or upcycling clothes by adding the print designs as a service to customers.

My final collection The marble collection has been designed based off primary photography and marbling technique, these then inspired my illustrations which were depicted in both print design and visual studies. I explored various printing techniques such as mono print and etching to create my final designs. There is a unique quality to this work, the style and printmaking techniques are all would areas I would like to research further and explore in future work.

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Printmaking techniques with Illustration and collage