Harry Bonar Law

Degree Show 2023

Harry Bonar Law

BA Art and Design

My art is a playful exploration of historic symbols of wealth; Specifically, it examines the rich cultural history behind objects and their usage over time. The prints displayed consider the stories of 6 objects which have been historic indicators of wealth; the work highlights the absurdity of the objects themselves but also engenders questions surrounding the British class system as an institution; why is it that such a socially progressive country finds much of its day-to-day life rooted in ideas from a distant past? The sculpture acts as a modern status symbol, an amalgamation of bizarre ideas rooted in a rich cultural history.

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Front, ‘Symbols of Wealth’

Back, ‘Symbols of Wealth’

Close-up of screen-print investigating teeth

Close-up of screen-print investigating ornamental hermits

Close-up of screen-print investigating pineapples