Helena Lintott

Degree Show 2023

Helena Lintott

BA Art and Design

My project exhibits a range of visual material which integrates varying
technical approaches and conceptual themes to encapsulate the essence of the urban setting. Creative methods such as painting, drawing and photography will detail the eclectic union of life that reinvigorates public environments, examining the expressive intricacies that go unnoticed and their relationship with the ever-evolving space accommodating them.

Through the inclusion of illustrative, snapshot drawings and photography observing everyday life and architecture documented in the form of a book, I aim to achieve a sense of narrative through my own lens, experimenting with the varying translations of time to capture the evanescent nature of individual pathways converging amidst the fleeting pace of life. This creative approach encourages the audience’s receptivity to the unearthing of beauty interlaced within mundane repetition of everyday routine of which we tune out from, typically via technological devices.

The overruling of contemporary digital media enables us to transcend our public surroundings and isolate ourselves within our own self-constructed realities; my practice seeks to promote awareness of this to its viewer. My paintings elevate this concept on a larger scale, positioned alongside one another to invite the audience to immerse themselves within each piece gradually, allowing time to visually comprehend the whole image and identify links between the pieces. Inspired by Edward Hopper’s theatrical depictions of lonesomeness within urban scenes, a subject is immersed within their exclusive narrative. Their surreal, commonplace surroundings intend to inspire the viewer’s associations of familiarity, whilst their theatrically multi-layered compositions reveal more, the longer you look.

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‘Leeds City Centre’ commences my series; the piece unites the textures of urban architecture and human figuration, light contrasts and reflections alluding to the contemporary multi-realities of online identity which blur the boundaries between public and private.

‘Victoria Station’ is the second and largest oil piece in my series; it observes various public perspectives as they pursue unknown destinations. Its multi-layered composition reveals secondary elements and mirrored images which emphasise the public environment as an ever-evolving stage, consisting of a multitude of overlapping narratives.

‘Una Plaza en Barcelona’; my third piece captures a moment of peace shared between two characterful subjects, withdrawn from the nearby hustle and bustle of Las Rambas.

My fourth piece: ’Hyde Park Book Club’ focuses on a dynamic interaction between friends, unaware of aesthetic parallels they share with their surroundings.

‘El Metro’ concludes my series, portraying the chaotic necessity of public transport to translate the varying paces of time and speed which are entrenched within the urban environment.