Isabella McCully

Degree Show 2023

Isabella McCully

BA Art and Design

Throughout this project, I have discovered a fascination for pattern design and three-dimensional art. This passion has guided me into the realm of the microscopic, where I find inspiration in the captivating forms and textures found throughout the atmosphere, as showcased on the NASA website. The essence of this project lies in identifying patterns that emerge from specific microscopic images and transforming them into large-scale three-dimensional sculptures, emphasising the intricate details that often go unnoticed. To bring these captivating forms to life, I have utilised materials such as wire, plaster, and clay. These versatile mediums enable me to create a diverse range of textures, reminiscent of the surfaces seen in NASA’s imagery of moon rocks and other atmospheric landscapes. A deliberate choice of a neutral colour palette maintains the organic and scientific essence of the sculptures. Through this exhibition, my aim is to ignite a sense of curiosity and wonder regarding the hidden intricacies that surround us. By enlarging these microscopic images into sculptures, I seek to employ an appreciation for the often-overlooked beauty that exists. These sculptures serve as a bridge between the minuscule and the grand, offering an alternative and fresh perspective on the microscopic world. Each piece reflects the harmonious relationship between science and art, fostering a connection that sparks imagination and evokes admiration.

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The Microscopic Enlarged