Jessica Sandiford

Degree Show 2023

Jessica Sandiford

BA Fashion Design

As a fashion designer, I am driven by a passion to push the boundaries of fashion and explore new avenues. My goal is to make the fashion industry more inclusive. In my latest collection, I explore sensory differences and neurodiversity from a luxury fashion perspective. Through innovative designs and materials, I aim to empower individuals and celebrate their unique perspectives and experiences. I believe in challenging norms and embracing diversity to create a truly vibrant and inclusive fashion industry.

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Neurodiverse individuals, including those with autism, ADHD, and other sensory processing differences, often have heightened or altered sensory perceptions. The fabrics they wear, the textures they touch, and the overall sensory environment significantly impact their comfort, well-being, and ability to fully engage with fashion. However, the luxury fashion field has traditionally focused more on aesthetics and exclusivity, neglecting the sensory dimensions of clothing and accessories. Designing garments that cater to a broader range of individuals will ensure that fashion becomes a medium for self-expression and empowerment for all.

By disregarding the sensory needs of neurodiverse individuals, the luxury fashion market is missing a significant opportunity for growth, innovation, and increased inclusivity. This collection not only brings visibility to the neurodiverse community but also challenges the traditional notions of luxury fashion. It expands the definition of luxury beyond mere aesthetics, emphasising the importance of functionality, comfort, and inclusivity. By engaging in this design process, Loewe could pave the way for other luxury brands to follow suit, encouraging the industry to become more responsive to diverse sensory needs.

Here are some shots of the final outfits for my Loewe x Sensory differences collection. These two outfits have been created with sensory differences in mind for a luxury fashion brand. From sumptuous fabrics that delight the touch to seamless designs that eliminate sensory irritants and unique sensory elements, such as the sensory tubes, each piece has been crafted to create a harmonious blend of style and sensory consideration.

Loewe x Sensory differences Collection: The line-up

Diesel: Eye of the Storm
Some illustrations from my collection for Diesel inspired by sea storms.

Stone Island x Gucci: Iceland
Some illustrations from my collaboration collection for Stone Island and Gucci inspired by the country Iceland.

Fe Noel: A Postcard from the Caribbean:
My Fe Noel Spring Summer collection is inspired by my Nan. My Nan was part of the Windrush generation and when she was 18, she moved from Barbados to London to start a new life with her first son. The West Indians that moved to London during this time period brought their own cultures and style with them. The Caribbean style during this era became a perfect blend of traditional dress and emerging British fashion trends. The West Indies brought over linen shirts and skirts, which they used with British tailoring, which led to the common style of “casual tailoring” that many brands are using today along with Fe Noel. This collection showcases the unison between these two cultures and how that represents my Nan, her sense of style and her livelihood since living in the UK.