Lara Matthews

Degree Show 2023

Lara Matthews

BA Art and Design

I like to use a variety of different mediums in my art, mainly creating paintings, photographs and 3D work. While normally including bright colours, my work explores colour psychology by connecting certain pigments to feelings and emotions. I prefer to use intuitive choices rather than planning out all of my decisions beforehand. The approach of going with my gut leads me to focus on the materiality of the medium and fully enjoy the process of creating from my subconscious.

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My space explores alien plant life in a modern world. Inspired by movies like Avatar and 3D artists like Zhang Chenxi, my work depicts plant life in an interior space. I explored sculptural work surrounding the themes of mycology and botanical structures. The installation hints at the urgent matters of global warming in an immersive way. My artworks explore the alternatives of what plants could look like far into the future, as they could evolve to withstand the high temperatures of global warming or depict what they might look like if we lived on a different planet.