Natalie Waller

Degree Show 2023

Natalie Waller

BA Art and Design

Seeking not to be the ingenuine mouthpiece for women who have their own narratives to share, this piece is created by the artist as a response to the consumption of dystopian tales and the witnessing of contemporary dystopian news.

There are many ways to interpret this work, however the project focuses around the motif of hair in literature, which exemplifies the values of femininity, strength and prosperity, and is used as a device to demonstrate humanity, change and oppression.

Inspired by collaging artists and poets, the canvas and animations narrate stories which are influenced deeply by the classic literary novels embedded into the project. From originally working on collages, zines and posters, the physical process of cutting and then creation from this act inspired the digital deconstruction of literature which was then constructed into a new poetic story.

It perceptively cuts out a montage of history, contemporary news and literature, and reassembles them to create this palimpsest form of animation, which embodies the atlas (Didi-Huberman, 2010) through its visual record of fragmented knowledge of the real and dystopian worlds, which have a striking similitude.

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Artist with ‘Her Soliloquy’.

Animated collage for ‘Her Soliloquy’.

Plaster canvas used as a 3D screen for the projection of the animated collage, ‘Her Soliloquy’.

Snippet of the ‘Her Soliloquy’ animation projected onto the plaster canvas.

Animated digital collage.