Natasha Bolton

Degree Show 2023

Natasha Bolton

BA Fashion Design

Recently I competed a Fashion design degree with a year in industry, where I worked as a design assistant at a start-up brand in London. Although I specialised in womenswear at university, my personal love for unisex and masculine fashion, as well as working for a gender-neutral brand on placement, has driven androgyny to be a big influence within my work.

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During my placement year I worked for a brand that was both unisex and modular. When returning to University I found I was greatly influenced by these areas and knew I wanted to focus my work in this direction. A favourite project of mine inspired by my placement year was to develop a capsule collection for Acne Studios, targeted at fashionable working women living in small city apartments with limited wardrobe space. I carried out research to design garments with modular components to adapt for the ever-changing daily life of a busy women. The outcome of this project was to construct 2 out of 16 illustrated outfits, building on my sewing skills. I absolutely loved working on this project and found modular design to be immensely interesting.

I designed, pattern cut and made these two outfits for my outcome of the Acne Studios project. For the first outfit, the jacquard jumper has detachable sleeves so it can turn it into a sweater vest. The shirt has a interchangeable cuffs, either a straight cuff or frilly cuff can be chosen. Additionally, the collar has a ruffle attachment, and it can be removed for a smarter look. The second outfit has an oversized denim jacket, with sleeves that zip on and off. The sleeves can also be cinched to create a straight looking sleeves or left in the original balloon shape. The collar can also be removed for a Mandarin style. The skirt has a drawstring feature on the side seams which allows it to be adjusted for any length desirable. To the left are the 2 outfits from the project.

Illustrations developed from a collection based off Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige paintings.

This collection is inspired by my family. My mother’s side of the family is 100% Scottish for generations back. Growing up she taught us about Scottish history as living in England we weren’t as exposed to it. The most interesting period of Scottish history to her is the 18th century, therefore this will be the focus for the collection. Here are a few final illustrations and flat drawings.

This collection is inspired by the Glam-Rock period during the 1960s-70s, particularity looking at the art and music scene where fashion leaned towards a androgynous silhouette. This bright and playful spring summer collection has been designed for Sandro, a French brand focusing on the masculine-feminine equation and general ‘cool’ Parisian elegance. Colour has been taken from a mixture of music posters from the era, and outfits worn by various glam-rock style icons. Here are the final 8 illustrations from this project.