Yujung Lim

Degree Show 2023

Yujung Lim

MA Advertising and Design

I want to create an advertisement that resonates with everyone so that many people can be connected and engage in the ads. I enjoy designing engaging advertisements by developing and generating a variety of ideas based on fundamental insights about the brand. The following works below represent the briefs I’ve worked on over the past year, including the final executions.

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Final creative campaign for Soma Drawing cafe. During the summer, a ‘Painting truck’ which is inspired by a British icon- ice cream truck will be operated. Running a painting truck that sells basic art supplies and cup-bingsu at parks, as well as providing the brand experience firsthand by making people paint on a huge canvas in a city centre. It aims not only to create unforgettable memories while people spend time with their family, friends and partners, exploring the fun of sketching drawings, but also to enhance brand awareness and arouse their interest in drawing pictures.

To make a consumer loyalty higher, the travel agency has to provide a reliable image to the audience as their holidays are protected by ABTA and ATOL. By referring Jet2holidays as ‘the guide’ that treasures people’s holiday with using metaphorical expression, it indicates not only it is trustworthy travel advisor but also they provide a high level of care for the consumer experience.

Beyond just focusing on dating, the Bumble provides people to get a positive connection regarding careers and friends that can share a hobbies. This is the main different features of Bumble from its competitors and it should be known by the target audience. So, advertisement has been produced in accordance of 3 different objectives of using bumble. As the target audience is 18-36 men and women, the most used social media by this age group which is Facebook and Instagram have been selected as a media channel.