Anna Savchenko

Degree Show 2023

Anna Savchenko

BA Fashion Marketing

Hi I am Anna Savchenko, a Fashion Marketing graduate originally from Ukraine, now based in the UK. Combining my three 3 experience in graphic design and a keen attention to detail, I have developed a strong passion for content creation and brand storytelling. I place great emphasis on thorough research and narrative development, which form the foundation for my projects.

Throughout my university projects and past employment experiences, I have honed my design skills, organisational abilities, critical thinking, analytical mindset, attention to detail, and collaborative aptitude. These skills have been cultivated through working in teams of varying sizes and successfully designing projects for different modules.

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The Joy of home

The fast pace of living a big city life brings inevitable consequences of time poverty, burnout, and stress. As a rescue, people are desperately trying to ‘slow down’ the speed of life by searching for reasons to break routines and indulge in unscheduled celebrations to return to their roots and have a simple joy of life. To escape reality, people reinvent the traditional perception of home and try to find time to get short but valuable escape leisure. Nevertheless, consumers still crave unique and memorable experiences further research on the experience economy highlighted the need to minimise the demand for behavioural action, active thinking, and planning when having leisure time.

Consumers percept home party planning as a “work-like” experience, due to long to-do lists, while craving simplicity and joy. The issue emerges from e-commerce being riffed with various subscriptions, grocery deliveries, and other tools that require time and planning to complete the preparation process for the party. Consequently, there is a lack of a single platform where everything can be found in under a minute.

This opportunity provides us with a perfect Market Gap and the USP of being the only digital platform that provides everything needed to organise social events at home, starting with the various party themes and ending with any type of supplies required to get the party started. In ROOF, we aim to minimise the time consumption and the unneeded stress of party planning and get the consumer straight to leisure time filled with experience, aesthetics, and joy.

No more planning drama. Take it easyyy

ROOF revolutionises the party planning market by creating a universe that caters to the unique preferences of each visitor, challenging traditional norms and allowing us to envision a world without limits. While party planning often comes with chaos and requires extensive preparation to minimise always-occurring issues, ROOF perceives this realm as an opportunity for reinvention, simplifying and enhancing the joyous process of home partying.

ROOF fills the market gap as the only digital platform that offers a comprehensive solution for organising social events at home. It includes a wide range of personalised Party kits, filled with everything needed for the home party, starting with the party theme and menu and finishing with decor/party supplies and activities for the night. At ROOF, our goal is to minimise the time and stress associated with party planning and instead provide our consumers with a leisurely experience filled with aesthetics and joy.