Catelyn Louwrens

Degree Show 2023

Catelyn Louwrens

BA Fashion Marketing

Hi, I’m Catelyn a 2023 Fashion Marketing graduate with a strong interest in the relationship between culture and gender. I have been able to explore this interest during my final year studies through my dissertation titled “To what extent has drags entrance into the mainstream affected its subversive potential” and my the creation of my brand Crescent for my final major project.

Through developing Crescent I aim to address the widespread body-image issues present amongst young women and consequently improve female self-esteem and confidence. My inspiration came from observing the majority of women in my life struggle with body image in one way or another. Female issues, are unfortunately still often considered as a taboo and there is a lack of knowledge about the female body and related topics. Female empowerment and combatting these issues is an area I have become incredibly passionate about.

Outside the classroom I have enjoyed roles related to the fashion industry. Most notably, co-directing Leeds’s largest student event – Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2022 – which raised over £23,000 for charity..

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