Annabelle Wells

Degree Show 2023

Annabelle Wells

BA Graphic Communication and Design

As a driven designer with a can-do attitude, I’ll tackle any design challenge with a curious and positive mindset. My aim is to create powerful and engaging work that not only looks great but is thought-provoking, using creativity to cause change.

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Cloud.09 is an immersive experience to educate and empower individuals to tackle Social Anxiety. Up to 80% of GenZ suffer to varying degrees, and it often goes unrecognised. Our goal is to help individuals overcome Social Anxiety by learning to break free from the mental bondage that is societal expectations and empower them to find their authentic selves.

Cloud.09 is an ‘at home’ immersive and informative book series to help the Socially Anxious. It aims to enlighten one on the issue, help shift their negative thought patterns, and tackle the disorder through comprehensive and proven techniques. The style of design, composition, and binding gets progressively ‘more free’ as the individuals work their way through the series, reflecting the process towards independence.

Cloud.09 Book 01

Cloud.09 Book 02

Cloud.09 Book 03

D&AD winner — Join The Dots. Our world is not accessible for Visually Impaired People. Global Healthcare refuses to provide vital information in an alternative format for Blind Patients. Consequently, 89% cannot read their prescriptions leading to 50% taking the wrong dosage. This disregard and inequality are fatal. Join the Dots is the social movement needed to empower the Visually Impaired to fight for their rights, like anyone else. To achieve equal access to medical information and ensure personalised Braille prescriptions are mandatory. Link to the Full video: