Caroline Coyne

Degree Show 2023

Caroline Coyne

BA Textile Design

This project focuses on global warming, specifically sustainability within the textile industry and thermal waste energy. Colour plays a large part in this project by portraying temperature changes on the wearer of the garment by utilising thermochromic materials and by using colour and structures to represent real global warming data. The purpose of the knitwear collection is to allow for interaction with the wearer. This is achieved through transformative pieces within the collection. Some samples change colour depending on the heat applied, others when stretched out reveal data in the form of bar charts that otherwise would not be seen.

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This page shows mood boards created to detail the four sub-collections of knitwear. Spike, Data, Structure and Body.

This page demonstrates some of the final knitwear pieces.

This page portrays photography of visual studies pieces.

This page contextualises the samples into garments on models.

This video demonstrates when heat is applied to thermochromic 3D printing filament. The 3D printing represents data from Nasa’s temperature anomalies as the radius of each circle corresponds to the value of the temperature throughout my lifetime (2001-2022).