Elise Miller

Degree Show 2023

Elise Miller

BA Textile Design

Inspired by a range of modernist design styles and a surge of fun and creative trend forecasts, the final outcomes of these projects explore colour, shape and materiality, with a focus on sustainability. The final knitted collection consists of twenty modular garment pieces that can be connected to form 16,432 different combinations. The final visual studies utilises a variety of different mediums, from soft-sculpture to print, whilst keeping colour a key focus..

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The final modular knit collection consists of 4 ‘bodies’, 8 ‘sleeves’ and 8 ‘cuffs’ which can be connected and disconnected through buttons. The buttons have been created through laser cutting, inspired by the shapes appearing within Memphis’ furniture.

The digital illustrative plan for the final knit collection and each individual garment part.

Digital drawing contextualising the garment possibilities.

Supporting large scale collages incorporating laser cutting, etching and airbrushing. The visual studies studio practice was influenced by three Modern art styles: De Stijl (1917-1931), Abstract Expressionism (1940-1950) and Pop Art (1950-1970). The Brutalist architecture found on the University of Leeds campus acted as a primary source of inspiration, influencing many of the motifs and structures appearing within both collections.

5-part soft-sculpture installation. The series of knitted tubes have been stuffed with waste yarns produced as a bi-product of the knit collection, ensuring a limit to the waste produced.