Isobel Mullin

Degree Show 2023

Isobel Mullin

BA Textile Design

My final year project began with an obsession over time and how little there was to create an impactful final set of designs. I noticed there was a variety of data that I could easily assess and began taking recordings personal to my final year such as how many hours of sleep each night I got, how many cups of tea I drank in a day and how many times I got stressed. Alongside this, I also used photography to capture elements of nature that stood out to me and also represented the passing of time. The final result is shown in the compositions of the recordings gathered together. The compositions are crowded and overlap to encourage thought into the mindless data we are exposed to on a daily basis. I will be continuing my studies in Textile design at the Royal College of Art in September after a much needed break from all things recording!.

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Spring flowers inspired by the photographs taken to capture the seasons.

Using a mixture of pen drawing, and Lino print to create a design that includes a mark making of the number of times I felt stressed within a day (quite a lot it was dissertation deadline day) and a recording of the flowers that were in bloom during this time.

A collage of the sleep waves recorded using an app and the amaryllis that bloomed over this time.

A print design inspired by all of the recordings taken in the Visual research module.

One of the final collages for visual studies.