Cassie Lien

Degree Show 2023

Cassie Lien

BA Graphic and Communication Design

I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer that combines graphic design, illustration, and lettering to create captivating brand identities and graphic materials. I like to work on projects that drive positive changes and those that align with my personal interests and aspirations. With an appreciation for lighthearted and fun graphic language, I enjoy creating designs for the Gen Z and Millennial generation. My goal as a graphic designer is to not only create visuals that are aesthetically pleasing but also engaging.

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“It’s so hard to make friends after graduation.” This is a statement I’ve heard a lot from friends. Indeed, research shows that it’s challenging to make friends as adults because they are more self-aware compared to children. Based on the idea that we are all perfectly imperfect humans, this visual identity shows a quirky and positive energy that makes friend-making seem fun and easy.