Jasmira Husna

Degree Show 2023

Jasmira Husna

BA Graphic and Communication Design

Passionate about connecting authentically with people and seeking offbeat ways of telling their stories through interesting image-making methods. In my third year, I took a placement with Prof. Phil Cleaver at et al design consultants and have continued to work there throughout my final year.

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Just a Shut-eye Away
What if sleep was a travel destination? 20-year-olds, overburdened with anxiety about the future, are worried that falling asleep would take away from what little time they have to do things other than uni work. Using travel ad clichés, the solution brands sleep as the most convenient travel destination to assure them that sleeping does not mean missing out on anything. Watch the full video on here
Credit: Sings, B. 2023. Let’s Go.

Royal Mail Heirloom Series
The truth is, generations don’t perceive each other negatively but are just scared of being judged by each other, preventing them from being themselves. The Heirloom Series is a silly letter-writing kit by Royal Mail that comes in three levels building up to vulnerability. Through discussing the things that don’t matter (like your thoughts on toothpaste), families can work up to discussing the things that do with no judgment.

In shopping centers, Gen Z will be given the opportunity to try responding to a prompt and practice sending it to their parents. Their responses will be displayed as part of the installation and a new prompt will be given each day to keep people engaged.