Daisy Eris Bennett

Degree Show 2023

Daisy Eris Bennett

BA Graphic and Communication Design

Hi, my name is Daisy Bennett. My passions within graphic design are digital illustration and publication design. Within my designs I enjoy exploring colourful and distinct illustration styles that can bring different messages to life.

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Little Mouse & Animal Testing is a fictional children’s illustrated book designed and created to educate young children and their parents on the experiences of animals in cosmetic testing. The project uses a collaboration with cruelty free international, using their mascot the leaping bunny as the saviour within the little mouse story.

Commission from the LGBTQ+ Society of Leeds University Union to design their poster for their 2023 ball event ‘Queer Prom’

The motivation behind this project is to celebrate the use of ‘Natural language’ – breaking down the anxieties and judgement young people face for the way they speak and use filler words. The project outcomes are a zine, which expresses a mix of comedic and serious topics surrounding filler words and linguistics, and a collection of stickers that spread the message of filler words to young adult target audience. University