Daniel Yachnikov Hughes

Degree Show 2023

Daniel Yachnikov Hughes

BA Graphic and Communication Design

I am a graphic designer and an aspiring web developer that enjoys bringing brand identities to life. I enjoy working on projects that bring change to society. In my final year I was allowed flexibility with choosing a final brief that was very personal to me and that I am passionate about.

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Independent Project – United

United is a festival that promotes and supports ethnic minority groups within classical music. The festival will be a more modern open-air event situated in St Pancras train station, making it as accessible as possible for the public. This event is targeted towards the younger generation and minority ethnic groups celebrating the music of Russian composers as they have been revoked/ silenced due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. United’s aim is to attract larger audiences to classical music, celebrate ethnic diversity within the genre and make it accessible for anyone, regardless their background. United will be partnering with Chineke orchestra, an orchestra that comprises of black musicians and musicians from minority ethnic groups. United will also be hosting Russian musicians too, as they believe Russian musicians should not be silenced and that we should separate the art from the artist.