Emma Rutherford

Degree Show 2023

Emma Rutherford

BA Graphic and Communication Design

I love a good play on words and think graphic design shouldn’t take itself too seriously. What really makes my designer heart sing is strategy that perfectly aligns client, audience and desired outcome. That and typography design.

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Made Not Grown is a disruptive advertising campaign that aims to raise awareness of the microplastic soup gathering in our oceans while also mobilising Heinz customers to demand better plastic waste treatment.

The campaign explores a possible partnership between Heinz and WWF in support of the Greenpeace plastic waste petition. Those who sign the petition are able to download their own AR Heinz Micro Plastic Soup tin and share the message.

The BSL Trail Mixer is an on-campus interactive poster trail that encourages students to learn British Sign Language and aims to develop a deeper sense of community between hearing and d/Deaf peers. This campaign can be personalised to any university and set up by individual students or society reps.

Once a participant finds a poster it can be scanned through the BSL Trail Mixer app. Subsequently, a short clip demonstrates the relevant sign and a stamp is awarded. Stamp collections can be shared on social media to celebrate progress and also encourage new students to join the adventure.