David Evans

Degree Show 2023

David Evans

BA Graphic and Communication Design

As a graphic designer, I enjoy crafting brand identities that connect with individuals but also meet practical needs in the real world. Throughout my final academic year, I had the opportunity to delve into the creation of a comprehensive visual graphic standard systems. This experience allowed me to stretch my creative muscles, encompassing various design elements such as logo design, stationery, and cover designs, among others.

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In my final year project, I re branded the European Space Agency (ESA) by creating a comprehensive Graphic Standards manual. This involved developing various elements such as the Logotype, typography, letterhead, envelope, report cover, magazine cover, and ID card design. The project aimed to revitalize the ESA’s brand identity, in addition to providing them with clear guidelines for consistent and effective visual communication.

Interior pages of the ESA standards manual: From top left clockwise: Colour Logotype, Colour Agency and Facility Identifiers, Correct and Incorrect Logotype Backgrounds, The Logotype Reproductions, Report Covers, Report Covers Examples, Adaptive Envelope Styling and Letterhead Typing style.

For the D&AD brief we were to address social activism through a typographic lead design. My poster designs intended to tackle the social issue of wealth inequality. The campaign looked at the differences between the income and costs over generations, focusing on the question that is ‘Am I Worth less’.