Mia Kirkness

Degree Show 2023

Mia Kirkness

BA Graphic and Communication Design

As a creative, I love to design so that the outcome is not just beautiful to look at but also has opportunity for deeper messaging or wider usability for people. I always aim to tackle any design challenge with a sense of curiosity and a positive mindset. I enjoy using illustration as a tool within many of my design projects whether it be branding or UI/UX design in order to create a greater sense of personality and vibrancy.

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With only 12% of the creative industry being from a working class background, it’s about time we look at the lack of diversity within creative teams across the UK.

Proper Job is a platform for young working class creatives to learn and improve their skills that are necessary to navigate the creative industry. Through its mobile application, Proper Job allows users to access information led classes to give them the best chance of landing their dream job. Classes are based on common problems and concerns an up-and-coming working class creative may have whilst navigating their way into industry such as how to make valuable connections through networking. The application will help those starting their career journey feel less alone in the process. Acting as a ‘creative industry bible’ for those who have no one in the industry to turn to for advice or support, which many working class creatives don’t have the privilege of.

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The Proper Job platform will continue the conversation offline through their ‘Closing the Gap’ networking events. These events aim to act as an inclusive hub for young working class creatives to meet like-minded people, get inspired, and hear from some of the working class creatives already making headway in the industry.

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