Emma Crewe

Degree Show 2023

Emma Crewe

BA Graphic and Communication Design

As a designer, I am passionate about brand identity and strategy. I am constantly striving to push creative boundaries, with a current focus on how branding can be used as a problem solving tool. I have experience working as a freelance designer as well as working for a design agency on a work placement.

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Crystal aims to bring greater transparency to women’s health, taking a direct and disruptive stance against gender bias in UK healthcare and aims to rebuild the relationship of trust between pharmaceutical companies and their consumers.

The advertising stance is entirely bold, confident and outspoken in addressing taboo topics when it comes to women’s health. It is completely disruptive of convention, sarcastically presenting the consumers with sexist language, phrases such as: “don’t worry your pretty little head”, phrases which have become all too familiar with women.

The vitamin packaging represents the purpose of each supplement through the use of idioms, speaking in direct opposition to the UK healthcare gender bias. They are entirely outspoken and completely disruptive in tone of voice and aesthetic to the current oversaturated market.

To launch the brand there would be an event in the form of a Pharmacy Convention, where there is an exhibition booth promoting the brand. Where previous material has targeted the primary consumer of young women, this touchpoint targets the secondary consumer of pharmaceutical companies: Healthcare Professions. This is a conversation starter: pick our brains!

This rebranding project for Team GB links to progression in terms of promoting both diversity and inclusivity, ideas that are particularly appropriate within modern society, British culture and the team ethos Team GB aspires to display.

‘The worst part of being homeless is feeling invisible’.

This project encourages social activation to change public perception of those experiencing homelessness, aiming to make their struggles visible through a person’s everyday actions.