Jingyi Zhao

Degree Show 2023

Jingyi Zhao

MA Design

I am a designer who excels at observing and recording life and using it as a source of inspiration for my designs. Handcrafting is my specialty, so I try to create physical objects as much as possible. I enjoy incorporating everyday elements into my work by documenting life. Additionally, I like to experiment with interdisciplinary design fusion to make my creations more diverse and engaging.

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This is a book design project for the reading experience which can better help people release daily stress through reading. During the interaction of reading and sticker collage behaviour between people and books, the work further promotes the enjoyment of reading and enhance the stress-relieving effects through reading.

I grown up in a rapidly developing city. Things always change silently: street food, booksore, event the huge market. What all I can remember my trace of living and my childhood has gone and never comeback. So I threw all these memories to an ideal land which is the utopia in my mental world, so that I can still remember them. However, with the accumulation of time, the land was overloaded. It broke down and started to affect the real world. I started to find somethin similar with the lost thing in physical space. My world is interwoven with reality and memories.