Dahyun Jung

Degree Show 2023

Dahyun Jung

MA Advertising and Design

Hi, I’m Dahyun. I am a creative advertiser who loves developing simple insights, engaging concepts, and provocative ideas. For my final Creative Direction project, I have explored Advertising and Design in a broad sense – from branding to communication campaign, to social media marketing and feedback design.

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People are getting much more aware of a plastic waste problem and the importance of recycling to tackle it. But, are they recycling ‘properly’?

Not Looking For Easy (also referred as NOFE) is here for building proper recycling habits that are essential to reduce contamination (non-recyclables in the recycling) and increase capture (recyclables in the recycling). The brand’s unique identity encourages consumers’ not-looking-for-easy attempts not only in recycling activities but also in their lifestyles.

Out-of-home media: lenticular poster and ambient advertising.

Habits slip out in the most recycling moment. Not Looking For Easy brings forward the connection between recycling and the habitual behaviours of target audience – young Londoners living in flats – occurring at the moment of recycling. With lighthearted, relatable, and straightforward tones of voice, NOFE’s advertising campaign aims to create a public awakening about how casually their current recycling habits are enacted.

When considering a behaviour change, people are not easily motivated due to uncertainty over ‘how-to’s and vagueness of the outcome. That is why Not Looking For Easy runs @im_nofe_ page, while giving feedback offline to the audience.