John Barradell

Degree Show 2023

John Barradell

MA Advertising and Design

Lunchables Life is an AR app that allows children to explore the outside world to discover larger-than-life creations made using Lunchables’ Products. Lunchables Life works to push the Lunchables Branding further through added gamification, working to create more moments of play for American kids. The app tracks the player’s location and has ‘builds’ for the children to find. Once at the build, they can use AR to view it within the real world, before collecting and adding to their Toy Box.

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Main promotional material for Lunchables Life, showcasing giant-sized Lunchable Builds found in Times Square. Used to showcase the theme of the app.

Poster showing a giant robot, seen within the streets of New York. Showcases that a phone is needed in order to see these builds interact with the real world.

Lunchables Life app in use. A person is seen playing on the app, their character is placed centrally to showcase their location, with builds seen in the distance, both locked and unlocked.