Maddie Browse

Degree Show 2023

Maddie Browse

BA Fashion Marketing

My name is Maddie Browse. I’m a recent fashion marketing graduate, skilled in creative marketing, digital design, collaboration and market research.

This year I have enjoyed developing my brand Sway Collective. Sway Collective is a community driven service brand which aims to help mothers achieve their entrepreneurial goals whilst balancing their childcare responsibilities.

This is achieved through providing members with a co-working space where an abundance of collaborative, educational, and wellbeing opportunities are available to help them and their business’ progress; members working together and sharing their knowledge, time, skills and experiences to help each other and the running of the collective. The collaborative approach is fundamental in making Sway Collective significantly more affordable than its competitors and to widening accessibility to more women. There is also an on-site nursery in our space as we understand how important affordable, trusted and engaging childcare is to ensuring mothers can focus on their personal goals.

I have found it invaluable developing a brand which is so different to anything on the market and a concept which would revolutionise women entrepreneurship. A future with more women leaders is vital in creating a more equal, diverse and accessible world..

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