Ellie Goodman

Degree Show 2023

Ellie Goodman

BA Fashion Marketing

I am a Fashion Marketing graduate with adaptable interpersonal skills that have facilitated me in tackling a wide range of projects. I have executed assignments on streetwear and Gen-Z, families and sportswear, sustainability and materials, and motherhood and the virtual world, amongst other markets. I enjoy pushing boundaries and my genuine interest in people from all walks of life drives my creativity..

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I chose to create a promotional campaign for Corteiz as the brand’s current promotional tactics are the most inspiring to me. Corteiz constantly pushes boundaries and this has allowed them to erupt on social media. The risk that the brand faces is becoming mainstream; as a streetwear brand, authenticity and exclusivity is key. I decided to centre my campaign around imagery recall and brand exclusivity, rather than generating sales or widening the consumer base.

Social media marketing is essential to ensure the promotional tactics help the brand to go viral. However, Tik Tok was avoided, as the app can often explode trends, turning them mainstream and short lived. Clint, the brand’s founder, has even confirmed on his Instagram account that Corteiz does not and will never have a Tik Tok account.

Avoiding traditional influencer marketing, I decided to interview Jorja Smith, as her fans overlap with Corteiz’s target market. This interview is not to promote the brand, but to give something back to the established brand community, adding to the exclusivity. Continuing the brand’s charitable work, I decided to donate T-shirts and teaching supplies to children at the Fruitful Rescue Centre in Kenya; this is an organisation that Cortiez has worked with previously.

Finally, I decided on an ambush of Shepherd’s Bush Market; several stalls will be given Corteiz garments to sell, there will be a flash mob and music playing. The owners’ of the stalls will keep the profits from the T-shirts and decide how they would like to price them. Once again, this campaign is not about profit, it is about creating conversation and reinforcing the brand identity.

For my module on Contemporary Advertising, I chose the theme of family wellbeing. I specifically focused on improving the bond between fathers and their daughters through encouraging quality time.

My first concept is to advertise Nike running shoes, playing on the word “fit”. My second concept, which is the one I chose as my final concept and created an entire campaign around, is to advertise the beats pill. I found in my research that music is effective at bonding people together, as well as statistics that showed that young people enjoy old music. The imagery I created of beats speakers coming out of a pill bottle was an innovative way to convey the idea of ‘healing’ and ‘mending’ father-daughter relationships.

My final project at university was to solve a problem and fill a market gap. My primary and secondary research shed light on the poor body image of post-pregnant women, and the fact that there is a gap in the market for a fashion brand solely for post-pregnant women.

For exclusive community for women who have given birth at any point in their life, I created a social fashion commerce app based on macro and micro trends of wellbeing, community, and personalisation. I chose to use virtual tailoring as Forbes predicts that this is a market that will double by 2024. Virtual tailoring and bespoke fashion also allows my brand to remove restrictive and body image-damaging standardised sizing. On the social commerce app, members can post, chat, shop, go live, give reviews, and access the brand’s candy crush-style game.

The first campaign I created contains promotions, such as the billboard pictured, that disrupt the market and expose the realities of post-pregnant bodies, to normalise them. The second campaign begins to create conversation between consumers, by turning them into advocates for the brand. Word-of-mouth is effective for 87% of mothers; it is crucial that other post-pregnant women sing the brand’s praises. The final campaign aims to gain members, through invite-only events, competitions and free gifts.