Molly Willis-Clarke

Degree Show 2023

Molly Willis-Clarke

BA Art and Design

My love for colour and crafting processes led me to create a series of textural weaves for exhibition, with the aim of showing the importance of craft. Within the project, I explored the use of colour, playing with how the colour palette can be used to highlight and give a greater contrast to the textures created throughout each woven section. I am new to working with textile materials but I enjoyed the playful yet intricate processes involved, and I am keen to continue working this way in the future.

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This image shows detail of the texture created within the weave and shows definition between colour blocks.

The final weaves are displayed in a dark wooden frame, allowing the weave to be the focal point. The clear warp strings suspends the weaves in the centre of the dark frames, giving the feeling of a landscape painting.

This is a partial weave showing the processes and tools involved in creating it.

This sample piece was the first trial with the chosen colour palette, exploring thickness of bands and ways of manipulating the wool to create texture.