Maddie Knight

Degree Show 2023

Maddie Knight

BA Art and Design

Hospitals are primarily designed to provide medical care and treatment, and as a result, these environments prioritise cleanliness, efficiency and sterility. Whilst these aspects are crucial for maintaining a safe and hygienic space, they often create a stark and intimidating atmosphere, especially for young patients. Implementing a child-friendly colour palette and patient-focused art has proved to be a highly effective approach to transform clinical spaces. In pursuit of this goal, I conceptualised a speculative company called “Artease” which creates innovative ways of integrating art into medical environments. This installation presents “Artease’s” medical screens and the degree show acts as a showroom, exhibiting one medical screen accompanied by a design catalogue. I invite visitors to immerse themselves in the experience and use the space for a moment of reflection.

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This work broadens the conventional boundaries of form and function, using art to expand the purpose of a room divider. The intention was for the screen to not only provide privacy but also serve as a gateway to enchanting worlds depicted through illustrations, offering children a captivating distraction that uplifts and calms them. By infusing art into these functional objects, the goal is to transform the sterile atmosphere and create an immersive experience for paediatric patients. The impact of colour on emotion was a central consideration utilising colour theory to create illustrations intended to be both uplifting and calming for young patients. Nature was also a key theme throughout my investigation, as nature is universal and something to which we can all relate, regardless of age, gender and background. There is a feeling of being “stuck” in a hospital and wanting to leave, nature offers that escape and brings the outside world in.