Lucy Summerell

Degree Show 2023

Lucy Summerell

BA Art and Design

An event proposal exploring the possibility of creating an extension of Light Night Leeds in the context of Hyde Park.

This proposal came together after extensive research into female safety in parks where bad design, lack of lighting, and CCTV make parks dangerous to walk through and use at night.

Light Night Leeds is an annual event which, this year is part of Leeds Year of Culture. Light Night transforms the city of Leeds at night with art installations and performances. These span the city, creating spaces for the public to interact with the work and celebrate the city in a new light. However, it does not occur in Hyde Park.

Therefore, my proposal visualises what Light Night in Hyde Park could look like by designing a series of pre-existing light installations in the space of Hyde Park. In addition, I have constructed a stage model that would be used for performances, its shape being an artistic representation of the Hyde Park layout, signifying its identity. I used lasercut MDF, coloured cellophane, and LED lights to create a stage design that would light up the performers from below, becoming a light installation itself.

The proposal also details how the event could be marketed, showing how the event could be promoted on social media.

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The event proposal was printed into a book which displays the ideas, designs, and marketing behind how this event could take place.

The stage model is constructed out of MDF in the shape of Hyde Park, using colourful cellophane and LED lights to light up the stage floor. This makes the stage a light installation in itself whilst also providing a creative space for performances throughout the event.

The proposal details how the event could be marketed through designing possible posters, a logo, and advertisements to get creatives and businesses involved. There would be physical posters situated around Hyde Park to advertise, and a social media page to update people interested in attending or taking part.

The event has a theme of “Transform the Night”, something which would inspire the creation of light installations, art and performances to be exhibited at the event.

Event Proposal for Hyde Park Light Night 2024