Naomi Wing

Degree Show 2023

Naomi Wing

BA Art and Design

This transformative indoor garden experience is designed to bring solace and relaxation to those residing in dementia care homes. The space transcends boundaries, welcoming residents, visitors, and carers alike. This exhibition takes over the gallery space, immersing visitors in a world where art and healing harmoniously intertwine before moving to the care facility itself.

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As you embark on this journey, a captivating video piece awaits, unravelling the mysteries of dementia and illuminating the benefits of the sensory space. Once the video concludes, a transformative invitation awaits—the chance to step into the serene and rejuvenating “brighter space.” Engulfed by tranquillity, visitors can interact with the space, assembling their own bouquets with handmade flowers or fashioning simple flowers using provided instructions. These vibrant creations find their place in the planters, breathing life and colour into the surroundings, or can be cherished by residents in their personal spaces, serving as cherished mementos. This project has flourished through engagement and insightful discussions with a dementia care home, fuelling the hope of bringing this vision to life. With the shared goal to brighten the days of both carers and those living with dementia, fostering an atmosphere of engagement and well-being.

In summary, this project is a testament to the therapeutic power of creativity and social connection, offering individuals living with dementia a haven of present-moment experiences. By showcasing the creation within an exhibition space, It aspires to cast a spotlight on dementia, increasing empathy and understanding for those affected by this invisible disorder. Let us embark on a journey toward joyful, light-hearted, and therapeutic dementia care environments, enhancing the well-being and quality of life for all those touched by this profound condition.