Millie Thompson

Degree Show 2023

Millie Thompson

BA Art and Design

The routine, a phenomenon that is inherently different and yet so similar. After many years of visiting my grandparents’ house, a place once with so much life, now, slowly unused, with the role of the interior gradually fading into insignificance. This project explores the beauty residing within these mundane spaces. Through capturing photographs to present the lingering presence of the routine, the project expands to large-scale oil paintings to form a cohesive series. Like conceptual art, the work invites viewers to interact with their minds, forging unconscious resonances. By blending personal memories, faded colours, and the understated beauty of everyday objects, the project encourages viewers to re-evaluate their relationship with the routine and discover the profound significance embedded within seemingly ordinary settings. My practice seeks to provoke appreciation for the subtle objects that support our daily routines, offering viewers the opportunity to find comfort within the viewing of the familiar.

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The Bath

The Chair

The Kitchen