Yanqing Li

Degree Show 2023

Yanqing Li

BA Art and Design

The project theme focuses on healing the inner self, drawing inspiration from Alfred Adler’s quote on the impact of childhood experiences. The project uses drawings and paintings connected through a storyline about a girl’s adventure. It aims to create a space reminiscent of a playground, combining painting with sculpture and human organs, to evoke childhood memories. The influence of artists Karina Mendreczky and Katalin Kortmann-Járay is evident in creating a multidimensional presentation using string as a connecting element. The project aims to provide an open-ended sensory experience, mapping the story and chaos of the mind to express inner feelings. The pieces will be laid out on a wall.

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The video explores the concept of self-saving, emphasizing the importance of relying on oneself for reconciliation rather than depending on others. It encourages viewers to open their minds to the process of self-healing and finding inner peace.

This artwork is covered with eyes to symbolize the concept of anxiety. The enclosed image creates an unsettling feeling, while the presence of eyes represents the constant observation and desire for confirmation in uncertain situations. It captures the essence of anxiety and the longing for reassurance amidst ambiguity.

The structure mimics the deep sea, symbolizing a state of drowning. A seated figure, positioned on their knees inside a deep-sea box, is enveloped by darkness, conveying the theme of the previous semester: the repressed heart. The artwork visually portrays the struggle of emotional suppression and the sense of being submerged in darkness, evoking a powerful metaphor for inner turmoil.

This artwork skillfully combines structural elements with illumination, creating a playful ambiance. It features a prominent centerpiece that symbolises a drowning heart, serving as the focal point of the composition. The artwork functions as a map, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of the artist’s mind, engaging them in a captivating exploration of emotions and thoughts.

This artwork depicts the connection between the mouth and the brain, highlighting the significance of considering our words before speaking. It conveys the power of words to heal or harm hearts and minds, depending on their usage. It serves as a reminder to exercise caution and mindfulness in our communication.