Shuangyuhong Yu

Degree Show 2023

Shuangyuhong Yu

BA Fashion Design

For this theme, I incorporated street graffiti elements into the emerging Chinese brand INXX, bringing fresh designs to the 24SS collection through prints, embroidery, Lazer cutting and much more.

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As a symbol of rebellion, graffiti is a form of expression for young people, committed to breaking with tradition and gradually becoming one of the popular trends. I designed the brand ‘INXX’ in a graffiti font and I’m going to print them on my clothes.

INXX founded in 2013, is a Chinese high street trend brand that creates new trendy styles by collaborating with fashion leaders, artists and different trendy brands.

The silhouettes are simpler and more youthful, and the clothes are saturated and relatively affordable. The brand’s simple cuts and bold colours are a great way to bring together graffiti and the younger generation, bringing a new energy to high street fashion.