Yuanda Lu

Degree Show 2023

Yuanda Lu

MA Digital Design Futures

This project aims to explore the application of artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology to assist architects in reducing the time required to create model buildings during the concept design phase. Architects can create conceptual sketches in a virtual space using VR devices in this project. Four cameras distributed within this virtual space will capture images from various angles and upload them to a training model. The 3D models will then be generated through neural network training and subsequently downloaded into the project.

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The decline in the construction market has hindered architectural firms from hiring designers to handle short-term, high-volume design projects. This has placed significant pressure on architects who work in design companies. Research indicates that a substantial workload often arises during conceptual design’s communication and revision stages. Therefore, in the current era of rapid AI development, the architectural design field requires an AI tool that enhances productivity while also addressing the challenge of limited digitization within the architectural industry.

The project is a 3D modelling tool based on virtual reality and machine learning technology. The app allows sketches to be drawn through the controls of a virtual reality device, and based on these sketches, it can assist architects with modelling and rendering generation.

The development of a modelling tool based on virtual reality and artificial intelligence techniques, which can generate models from user sketches, will help architects save time in the process of concept design.