Aidan McFarlane

Degree Show 2023

Aidan McFarlane

MA Advertising and Design

After graduating in BA Hons Japanese and Korean in 2017, I worked in Tokyo at a few creative communications agencies. I returned to the UK to further specialize in my field and enhance my skills and knowledge in marketing and design within a global context.

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This is a mockup of my poster advertisements for my UK campaign for JINRO Soju. The campaign focuses on promoting the versatile, unique selling points (USPs) of Soju as a low-ABV alternative in cocktails compared to Gin or Vodka, aligning with current trends. The creative concept “Imagine Your Way” was developed to effectively support and communicate this concept.

This is a UI showcase for my JINRO Soju campaign app, created as a part of my final project. My goal was to preserve the fluid and fun visual identity that JINRO is known for internationally while ensuring a highly functional and user-friendly interface. The app offers various features to support my launch campaign for introducing JINRO Soju to the mainstream market.

This is my final JINRO campaign app, which I created for my final project. It is intended to serve as a comprehensive solution for introducing the JINRO Soju brand to the UK market. The app combines features such as event listings, shop functionality, Soju game rules, and updates on new releases, all within a single platform. The video is very low quality due to size limitations so please take a look online here.