Yue He

Degree Show 2023

Yue He

MA Advertising and Design

I am a multi-disciplinary creative, designer with a talent for innovative ideas and design. I am good at digging the insights and bringing them to unique ideas. My personal interest starts with graphic design and now reaches the video world. My debut video work will be shown in this creative project. It is designed for Lemon8 whose commission is to be the most inspiring and informative social media platform thus users find it useful for freshening discoveries every day.

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This visual-led campaign spotlights the most sought-after posts on Lemon8 as the primary image for the visual-led campaign as the content itself comes with its own popularities. Moreover, the electronic user-friendly stickers on Lemon8 will enhance engagement through an interactive and tactile collage format. These stickers can be easily removed and replaced, affording the target audience a space for their creativity.

In the copy-led campaign, the value of Lemon8 is still the main message to communicate but will be presented from a third-person perspective. Utilizing genuine user app store reviews of Lemon8 as copy marketing, tapping into the audience’s collective voice to drive engagement could be a viable approach as young GenZ are inclined to gather authentic feedback before making decisions, valuing real-world comments over one-sided brand information.

The short film aims to emphasize the tone of voice of Lemon8 by telling a continuous story of five people separately interested in different lifestyle categories. Though initially unacquainted, they forge a unique connection through the Lemon8. Their individual posts intertwine, leading to reciprocal inspiration. It showcases how their lives are intricately interwoven through this cascade of inspiration. This idea also invisibly conveys the brand vision of Lemon8 as “8” represents fresh discoveries infinitely.