Angelica Lloyd Monteiro

Degree Show 2023

Angelica Lloyd Monteiro

MA Advertising and Design

I want to write words that will be remembered for a long time and I want to create campaigns that will be studied for generations because no idea is crazy enough.

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The Germ Monsters fancy following us after we use the toilet. They multiply with every passing second and can cause harm to our bodies. And while they are inherently dangerous, beating them is a fairly easy fight that takes only 20 seconds, some water, a drop of Savlon handwash and a super-cool holographic video projection!

Through an integrated campaign, the brand can reach every child in India and worldwide and convey the importance of the handwashing process.

The video projections require a smartphone or tablet and a plastic prism which can be made easily at home. The projection is of the highest quality when the room is dark. These images were shot on an iPhone.