Sakshi Sangwikar

Degree Show 2023

Sakshi Sangwikar

MA Advertising and Design

As an aspiring creative designer, I’ve had the privilege of designing innovative projects. I played a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience for the BetterHelp meditation app, crafting a serene and intuitive interface. In the realm of sports tech, I worked on the Adidas cycling app, delivering a seamless, performance-driven platform. Additionally, I lent my creative vision to Bumble’s advertising campaign, weaving compelling narratives that resonated with audiences. These experiences have fueled my passion for designing impactful and user-centric solutions, driving me to continually push creative boundaries.

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Rediscover inner peace with the BetterHelp Meditation App. Embrace tranquillity in the digital age. Elevate your mindfulness journey one breath at a time, with this soothing and user-friendly interface. The path to serenity begins here.

Pedal to Progress: Adidas Cycling App! Track your journey, challenge your limits, and discover a world of adventure on two wheels. Get ready to cycle more, conquer more, and own the road ahead!

Find Love Your Way. This Bumble campaign inspires users to embrace their true selves. Swipe right on authenticity, and let their uniqueness shine on the Bumble app. Be YOU, and let sparks fly.