Kavya Komma

Degree Show 2023

Kavya Komma

MA Advertising and Design

“Know your essential element” is a pop-up store designed for Forest Essentials. The campaign aims to provide a unique multi-sensory experience for the target audience.

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The brief for the campaign was to create a unique experiential campaign for Forest Essentials to reach millennials. The main insight for this target group was – they are seeking new experiences and are willing to pay more if the brand offers a personalised experience.

The concept “Know your essential element” is a pop-up store which highlights the concept of Dosha – that everyone is made up of 3 energies/elements (Wind, Fire and Earth) and it determines our way of life. The pop-up store has 3 different rooms that are designed to capture these 3 elements respectively.

Product photography/Art Direction is curated to align with the concept. The campaign is promoted through Outdoor Posters, Social Media and Magazine Ads.