Anna Kerslake

Degree Show 2023

Anna Kerslake

MA Advertising and Design

I’m a hybrid creative with a passion for illustration. . My final, zero-budget, brand collaboration with Breathe Magazine saw me use animation for the first time, and my project on Bumble allowed me to play with illustration and playful copy. This course has allowed me to experiment and have fun with design in ways that I haven’t before! I’m excited to get started in the advertising industry and see where it takes me.

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Breathe Magazine needed to create more engaging content for its’ social media to reach its audience. Through creating animations / video content that algorithms like & encouraging readers to find ‘mindful moments’ in their everyday lives – Breathe encourages its readers to just breathe.

The Bumble campaign plays with the idea of pretending to be someone you’re not when dating. Illustrations of animals wearing costumes and playful copy helps to poke fun at this, with Bumble positioning itself as the fun and authentic app for singles.

This storyboard for the Bumble campaign has fun with the idea of dating in the wild. It embraces the bee theme of the app and how at our core, humans are just animals, searching for love in the wilderness. It can be difficult, putting yourself out there – so why not have as much fun with it as possible?